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Eddie Lewis

Eddie Lewis

Eddie Lewis is a trumpet player living and working in the Houston area in Texas, U.S.A. Eddie has made some very fine books and compositions for trumpet.

If you go to Eddie's websites (se links below) you will find out a lot. On his website, Tiger Music, you can read about his fine books, compositions and CDs - and order them!

Here, I will just mention his method books. I have used and are still using all of them. About his latest book, Chops Express, I wrote a short article in the late autumn of 2010.

Several years ago, I published a little page about his larger method book "Daily Routines"(Have kept it here for historic reasons).

Those who are curious to learn the details of Chops Express and / or Daily RoutinesThe Physical Trumpet Pyramid is the answer to these questions.  This book takes you through the order of the exercises, step by step, explaining why that order is important and how it achieves the results it does.

Link to Eddie's web pages: