Magnificent Méndez

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A Biography
by Jane W. Hickman
and Delon Lyren


1     A Sense of Awe
2     Mexican Roots
3     The Boy and the Bandit
4     Crossing the Border
5     Amor
6     The Swinging Door
7     And Then There Were Four
8     A Single Spotlight
9     The Motivator
10   In Black and White
11   Health Problems
12   For the Love of It
13   Accolades and Remembrances


The Mendez Teaching And Performing Concepts
Mendez Trumpet Recordings
Mendez Trumpet Compositions
Mendez Tours
Rafael Mendez: The Timeline of His Life
Author Sketches
Summit Books 1994

173 pages

Note - 2005:

A new enhanced version (lot of photos) is now available from Hickman Music Edtion.

Book cover