Rafael Méndez on CD

A few years ago
Summit Records released the 12 Decca CDs by Rafael Mendéz (1906 - 1981).  Mendéz signed with Decca in 1945 and over the next 20 years, he recorded the 12 LP records. Those same LP's were remastered and licensed by Summit Records.  Unfortunately, that license expired and the recordings are no longer available.

More about the 12 CD's:

01. The Trumpet Magic of Rafael Méndez
02. Presenting Rafael Méndez
03. Trumpet Extraordinay
04. Méndez and Almeida Together
05. Méndez in Madrid
06. The Singing Trumpet
07. Trumpet Showcase
08. Magnificent Méndez
09. The Majestic Sound of Rafael Méndez
10. Trumpet Spectacular
11. Concerto for Méndez
12. Love and Inspiration