Méndez in the motion picture Cowboy

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Méndez played in the motion picture Cowboy from 1958. The stars were Glenn Ford and Jack Lemmon. 

In a scene at the end of the movie, Harris (Jack Lemmon) enters a bar in Mexico. A musician (
Méndez) can be seen close to the bar counter. He is playing a simple Mexican song, but as a reviewer say on Amazon:

I like that Mr.Mendez. He can really play that horn. Hot I tell you.. hot! Anyways folks, I recommend that you all buy this fantastic root in tootin' slam here footin' horse riding shootin' movie! You'll love it and as for Mendez. He is the greatest.

Here are a few  captured images from the movie. The scene is very dark (a bar with candlelights). As one can see,
Méndez is playing a sheperd crook cornet (typical instrument for that time, late 1800).

Méndez  playing on a cornet.
Mendez playing
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Méndez and Jack Lemmon (standing behind the cornet)
Mendez and Lemmon
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About the cornet:
(David Hickman said this on Trumpet Herald)

The cornet was an antique, not a Mendez model cornet. I don't know the brand. It was not in his collection of instruments when we moved everything to the Rafael Mendez Library at Arizona State University. Perhaps he borrowed it. Might have even been a stage prop. I know that several studios have collections of old instruments for period movies.

In the RML, we still have his hand written music for this soundtrack. It contains parts of several of his solos. Obviously, he is faking it in the movie. He recorded it separately.

Dave Hickman
Head, Rafael Mendez Library