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The Just Brass series

Just Brass cover page

Edited by Philip Jones & Elgar Howarth.

Just Brass series is regarded by brass players worldwide as the most important brass ensemble series available.

There are more than 100 titles subdivided into Just Brass (mainstream), Junior Just Brass, Just Brass Lollipops and Giant Just Brass.

A list of the Just Brass series:

Just Brass 03: Trumpet Voluntary 8 Part
Just Brass 04: Gervaise: Three Dances 4 Part 
Just Brass 05: Farnaby Fancies: Toyes And Dreames 5 Part 
Just Brass 06: Two Processional Fanfares 8 Part 
Just Brass 07: Susato Suite (Arr. John Iveson)
Just Brass 09: Banchieri: Echo Fantasia 4 Part 
Just Brass 10: Samuel Scheidt: Canzon Cornetto
Just Brass 12: Frere Jacques For Brass Quintet (Arr. John Iveson) 
Just Brass 13: Gabrieli: Canzon 4 Part 
Just Brass 14: Raymond Premru: Music from Harter Fell
Just Brass 15: Stephen Dodgson: Suite For Brass Septet 
Just Brass 16: Mendelssohn: Tarantella 5 Part 
Just Brass 17: Horovitz: Brass Polka 4 Part 
Just Brass 18: Richard Wagner: Three Fanfares (Arr. K.V. Jones)
Just Brass 19: Grieg: Suite 
Just Brass 20: Stephen Dodgson: Sonata For Brass Quintet 
Just Brass 21: Passereau: Il Est Bel Et Bon 4 Part 
Just Brass 22: Tylman Susato: Renaissance Dances 5 Part 
Just Brass 23: Howarth: Four Swiss Tunes 5 Part 
Just Brass 24: Haan: Suite For Brass Sextet 6 Part 
Just Brass 25: Scott Joplin: Three Rags For Brass Quintet 
Just Brass 26: Byrd: Earle Of Oxford's March 10 Part 
Just Brass 27: Peuerl :Four Dances 4 Part 
Just Brass 28: Greensleeves (Arr. Elgar Howarth)
Just Brass 29: Francis Poulenc: Sonata for horn, trumpet and trombone
Just Brass 30: Gabrieli: Sonata Pian'e Forte (Brass Octet)
Just Brass 31: Pearson: Hiplips II 5 Part 
Just Brass 32: Geoffrey Grey: Sonata For Brass Sextet 
Just Brass 33: Horovitz: Folk Song Fantasy 5 Part 
Just Brass 34: Old French Dances (Reeve)
Just Brass 35: Raymond Premru: Quartet for two trumpets, horn and trombone
Just Brass 36: Scarlatti: 3 Sonatas (Dodgson) 5 Part
Just Brass 37: Chris Hazell: Three Brass Cats 
Just Brass 38: Chris Hazell: Kraken (Another Cat) 

Just Brass 40: Purcell: Trumpet Tune And Air (Howarth) 10 Part 

Just Brass 42: Premru: Five Movements From Divertimento For Brass 10 Part 

Just Brass 43: John Iveson: Christmas Crackers
Just Brass 44: Gabrieli: Canzon 8 Part 
Just Brass 45: Scarlatti: Baroque Sonatas 

Just Brass 47: Sander: Anecdotes 4 Part 

Just Brass 48: J.S. Bach: Three Chorales (Reeve) 10 Part 

Just Brass 51: Henry VIII: Rose Without A Thorn (Howarth) 5 Part 

Just Brass 52: Salzedo: Divertimento Op.49 6 Part
Just Brass 55: Traditional: Carolling Brass 1 5 Part Various 
Just Brass 56: Traditional: Carolling Brass II 5 Part Various 

Just Brass 60: Scheidt: Ceremonial Suite 5 Part 

Just Brass: E Flat Brass Solos Volume 1 
Just Brass: B Flat Brass Solos Volume 1 
Just Brass: Horn Solos Volume 1
Just Brass: Tuba Solos Volume 1
Just Brass: Trumpet Solos Volume 1: The Tudor Age