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My practice routine

We asked Chase about his own practice routine - if he takes his "own medicine" and keep a written log:

I most definitely take my own medicine. I regularly practice everything I write about and more.

I work out of three groups. Ideally I work on sound production for about 1.5 hours, then technical/classical for 30-60 minutes, then jazz for 30-60 minutes. These would typically be three different sessions. In between I teach or play sessions or remind myself what my family looks like!

I do not keep a written log. I find it easy enough to keep track in my head of what I do day to day. I make sure I cover all the exercises that I describe in my books. Sometimes, I modify or combine exercises into one routine. For instance, I combine note bending or whisper tones with long tones, attacks/pedal tones etc.

My routine is always changing and modifying. I'm always on the look-out for new approaches. In the last year I've added leadpipe buzzing, visualizer buzzing and free-lip buzzing. I combine them all with mouthpiece buzzing. I'll be writing about those in a future book, when I get time.


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