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Roy Stevens

Roy Stevens

Roy Stevens (1916 - 1988)  was a teacher of embouchure technique. His students included Don Ellis, Maynard Ferguson and Lou Soloff.

He was also a trumpeter with the Dorsey Brothers, Bunny Berigan, Benny Goodman and Coleman Hawkins.

William N. Costello was Roy Stevens teacher. He developed the Costello Method. Costello also wrote 3 essays concerning brass playing for the Metronome Magazine in the mid 1930's. The essays have the titles:"You can have good breath control and embouchure", "Only one correct way to play aany brass instrument" and "Correct breath control for the brass player". All 3 essays are in the appendix of the Stevens Costello book.

When Costello died, Roy Stevens took over the rights to Costello's method and published it as: Stevens-Costello Triple C Embouchure Technique, (edited by William Moriarty)

Roy Stevens died of heart failure October 24, 1988 in Riverdale, NY, at age 72.



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