George Swift playing in Marbella at a Bullfight  in 1967

Facsimile from a newspaper from 1967.
The text says:

The bull, the toreadors, the watching crowd and the man from Mantovani.

The bullfight is on... The toreadors move in. And the trumpeter blows a fanfare.
He plays it so impeccably, in true Spanish style, that you would think he had been doing this for decades. He has not.
The shirt-sleeved star trumpeter at the bullring in Marbella, on the Costa del Sol, is 54-year old George Swift. From London.
George was a well-paid soloist in Mantovani's orchestra for 25 years. Then, last year, he went into semi-retirement and moved to Marbella.
He still works with Mantovani in America for three months each year. But he couldn't resist a chance to play in the bullring band.

Thanks to Denis Edwards for the newspaper facsimile!