Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 08:20:03 +0200
From: "Ole J. Utnes" <>
Subject: 200 year today!


The 28th of March 1800 a trumpet concerto written by Franz Joseph Haydn was performed for the first time at the Imperial and Royal Court Theatre in Vienna.

In 1796 Haydn wrote his Trumpet Concerto for Anton Weidinger (1767 - 1852), both as an act of friendship as to his interest in innovation.

Court Trumpeter Weidinger developed a trumpet with keys. He did not invent it as some have believed. He developed his own instrument that could play chromatically based on earlier examples of keyed trumpets.

After 1800 the concerto "disappeared" and the next performance of it was Thursday night, June 23, 1938, broadcasted by B.B.C. Soloist was George Eskdale. He played the second and third part (Andante and Allegro).

Two Scandinavian trumpeters,  Åke Öst and Bjarne Volle, performed the Haydn Concerto on an Egger copy of the keyed trumpet in 1973.

Later 3 persons have made recordings of the Concerto on keyed trumpet, Friedemann Immer (1987), Mark Bennett (1992) and Reinhold Friedrich (1995).

I asked Friedrich if he was going to perform the Concerto today (the 28th) - but sadly he was not aware of this "jubilee" - he only remembered 1796 (the year when Haydn wrote it). When I spoke with him (February this year) he did not think he would have enough time to arrange it. But I had the impression he would have loved to perform the Concerto on a keyed trumpet in Vienna today.

Maybe some other trumpeters knew about this date and are performing the Concerto today?