Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 19:18:00 -0600
From: Benjamin McDaniel <>
Subject: RE: [TPIN] Air speed, etc.

John Loram wrote:

>Ben: Would you still have the URL of the site you mention below. I would
>very much appreciate the reference....

The site about Arnold Jacobs that I saw was

The specific page is the one marked "Use of Breathing Devices". There  are excerpts from "Song and Wind". This is one section that helped me:

"The most common problems I have seen over the last sixty-odd years I have been teaching are with respiration and the tongue. Surprisingly enough, I rarely find problems with the embouchure. That might sound strange because people come to see me because of problems with their embouchure, but frequently it is the embouchure reacting to a bad set of circumstances and failing--it is simply cause and effect. If we change the cause of the factor, it is easy to clear up the embouchure. The embouchure is not breaking down, it is trying to work under impossible conditions. When you are starving the embouchure for air volume, giving it all sorts of air pressure but not quantity, it cannot work. Very quickly you will be struggling to produce your tone. Just increase your volume of air not by blowing hard, but by blowing a much thicker quality of air. Very frequently the air column is just too thin."

Ben McDaniel