Date: Tue, 09 Mar 1999 10:57:06 +0100
From: "Ole J. Utnes" <>
Subject: CTG - The Comeback Trumpeters Guide

Last autumn, Michael Anderson proposed to make  some web pages with F.A.Q's and other information to the beginner and intermediate student and also to the comeback player.

Well, some of us TPIN'ers have now tried to make such an offer to all the comeback players.

We have called it "The Comeback Trumpeters Guide". As we say in the welcome page: This guide has been put together as a joint effort. Several members of TPIN, have contributed with information and tips here.

The URL for this guide is:

Rune Aleksandersen and me, Ole, will act as editors for this project. Go and have a look!
Comments are welcome. (tips, corrections, etc..)

Some of the pages are under development, and we have therefore made a "What's new?"-page for people to see when and what are updated.

On the "Philosophy" page we are proud to present thoughts by some of the great brass teachers of this century, Arnold Jacobs and Bill Adam. As you will see their thinking is very similar. Thanks to Brian Frederiksen for permission to use the Jacobs part. Today, I received a letter from Bill Adam where he gave permission to use the his part.

We will not mentions all the contributors, but it is great to have some of our excellent TPIN teachers with us like Jeanne, Pops, Clyde and Matt. Chase Sanborn was also on TPIN for a short time and from him we got a whole chapter from his new upcoming book.

Clyde allowed us to use an excerpt from his CD where he demonstrates pedal tones. Thanks Clyde.

Based on an Rafael Mendez idea (in his book Prelude to Brass Playing) we have designed a 4 week system for getting rid of some of the problems plaguing a lot of comeback as well as amateur players.

Only week 1 is ready - but stay tuned.

We have a section called "Common problems among players" Here it would be nice to have some more of you teachers on TPIN to contribute.

Under the section:
"Combeback players's own stories" we also would like more stories from CP's on TPIN - come on!

You can either contact me, or Rune. (link to our email on the welcome page)