Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 09:04:00 -0800
From: <>
Subject: [TPIN] Re: Timofei Dokshizer / Barbara Butler

We had a somewhat poignant, somber moment last night at my university where Barbara Butler performed a wonderful guest recital and a masterclass for my students in the evening. Both Vince Cichowicz and Barbara's husband Charlie Geyer were in attendance for the recital.

Before the recital, I was speaking with Mr. Cichowicz and Charlie while Barbara was warming up. Mr. Cichowicz told us that he had received a call earlier in the day informing him of Mr. Dokshizer's passing. At this time, of course, Barbara did not know. As it turns out, the second selection on her recital was the first movement of the Tamberg Concerto for Trumpet a work, Barbara informed the audience, that was written for she great Russian virtuoso Timofei Dokshizer. She played it beautifully. After the recital Mr. Cichowicz had a quiet moment with Barbara and informed her of Dokshizer's passing. She was visibly moved. Later we all spoke about how appropriate it seemed to have the Tamberg performed that evening.

I must also say that having Barbara Butler on campus to perform work with our students was a great pleasure and musical treat. She may be the hardest working guest artist in the business after a presentation (on the topic of musicianship for educators) for our music students, giving private lessons, and performing a recital (music by Honegger, Ewazen, Tamberg, Turrin and Bernsein), she finished the day by presenting a very valuable and intense 2-1/2 hour masterclass with five of my students performing. It was a terrific experience for all of us.

And it was also nice to meet some TPIN-ers who drove in to Whitewater to join us!

Frank Hanson
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater