Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 16:54:05 EST
Subject: [TPIN] Timofei Dokshizer has Passed Away

With my deepest sorrow, I report that Timofei Dokshizer has passed away earlier this afternoon.

I received word from his granddaughter, Anna, a few minutes ago.

He will be sorely missed.

Even in his upper years, Dokshizer was constantly involved with musical projects. He devoted his entire life to music. I recently received a letter from Timofei where we were discussing the possibility of the ITG publishing one of his books with an accompanying recording. And I have sitting here on my desk another letter that I haven't even had translated yet.

Dokshizer touched so many lives through his music and the example of the kind of person he was. How he approached life. How he approached success. How he approached failure. How he communicated through the medium of music. And I think more importantly, how he was "self-less" in all he did: saying that it is best to look at something as only "satisfactory" instead of letting oneself become puffed up over accomplishments.

Anna will inform me of plans. She said most likely, the memorial service will take place in Moscow.


David Miller