Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 17:03:22 -0400
From: Trent R Austin <>
Subject: [TPIN] Re: Eclipse

Hi Ole and everyone else on TPIN!

I absolutely LOVE my Eclipse Trumpet... it's by far the best match for my playing that I've owned (and if you know me I've owned them all!).

I have included a snip of my description about the Large Red I own (and yes... I had to buy my horn too!). Please feel free to email me on or off list for any particular questions you might have.

If you want to hear some clips of the horn (I recorded these two or three days after I had the horn, I'll post new ones soon!) go to:

I was a clinician for Edwards a little over 2 years, actually! I was very honored to be an Edwards artist and wish them the best in the future.

I had no relationship with Dave Monette or Monette corp. (long story, not needed to hash out anymore), but did play a few of his horns in the past.

To be honest I didn't sign on with Eclipse for the "deal"... if that was the case I would have stayed on with Edwards. Financially speaking of course. Don't get me wrong, Leigh has been VERY gracious to accept me as an artist. When I hear I'm in with the likes of Noel, Kenny Wheeler (who's playing an Equinox I believe...correct me Leigh if I'm incorrect!), and others it makes me smile and feel very proud.

I had to pay for my horn and in my opinion it's DEFINITELY worth every penny. My playing and my sound has been changing over the past few years and I've finally locked in on what's in my head (besides marbles bouncing around furiously!) with the Eclipse. I'll follow a guideline used by my friend Eric Brewington in terms of how he describes his Lawler for anyone who's interested!

Eclipse Large Red (a picture of my horn is on Leigh's site in the finish section... satin clear lacquer)

Construction - The horn is gorgeous. The pictures do not even come close to showing the true beauty of the instrument. The parts are fitted
perfectly and everything is very tight. Precision crafted is an understatement here. I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with the construction. The little touches that Leigh does make all the difference. You really do get what you pay for. I have a Monogram of TRA on my first valve that's absolutely beautiful. The brush finish is stunning, the hue of the Red Brass alluring, the non-brushed nickel slides and gold accents truly highlight a one-of-a-kind work of art!

Balance - Perfect. For so many years I have played a heavy horn... either Monette, Edwards, Heavy Bach, Stomvi, etc. This horn is light and feels GREAT in my hands. It's not "bell heavy" like my other horns and that's a serious plus for me. Putting a Jo-Ral Bubble mute in my Monette or Edwards took a lot of effort to hold up. I must be losing my strength! I had it on a 5 hour gig yesterday (my second of the day... don't ask) and it felt good in my hands. That is so important to me so I don't start bashing the horn in my face trying to hold it up. I've always wondered if someone could make a light horn that played on par with my heavy horns. This is it!

Valves - I have heard great things about Bauerfine valves and now I know why. These things are perfect. Lightning quick, noise free, and ultra-responsive.

Slides -ditto

Tone - This is the first horn in my hands that produces the sound in my head. One minute I'm playing really dark, almost cornetlike, and the next I'm screaming double C's on it. This horn has so much versatility! It gives me what I was looking for -- an almost flugel sweet sound and some bite when I push it. I'll have sound clips up tomorrow to demonstrate what I'm talking about.

Intonation - Awesome. Better than my Edwards and as good as my Monette (if not even better because it's doesn't ride high on the pitch!).

Blow - Open with resistance. Since I've always played L bore or XL bore horns this resistance took me a couple of days to get used to. Each time I pick it up I'm getting a little better on it. I would definitely call this "positive" resistance. It's not stuffy at all, and the resistance
REALLY helps with the slotting.

Slotting - It would be impossible in my opinion to make a horn that had better slotting. It's like driving on rails. Each note has it's particular center and feels great! I know I'm not going to miss on this horn like I doubted my other horns. High register is the best out of the 100's of horns I've owned. The slots up there actually seem to be a little bigger than on my other horns, allowing me more room for air/chop error. I've had the horn on 5 gigs now and I haven't missed A NOTE! That's not normal for me at all! I'm sure it'll happen but it hasn't yet.

Stay tuned for sound file links... and THANKS AGAIN LEIGH, JOHN, and BRUCE (General LEE) for making all this possible!



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