Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 09:42:58 -0600
From: johnkool <>
Subject: The Elias Modern Scientific Trumpet Method

I am making available "The Elias Modern Scientific Trumpet Method", which contains the "Complete Elias Buzz System", by the late Fred Elias.

This book was originally published in 1927.

Mr. Elias is referenced in the endorsements to "Double High C in 37 Weeks" as
1. Former student of the late Herbert L. Clarke.
2. Former Cornet Soloist with the U.S. Navy Band
3. Former Trumpeter and Soloist with the Omaha Symphony Orchestra
4. Famed originator of the Elias Buzz System, method of teaching brass players.

Clyde Hunt, when researching his book "Sail the Seven C's" came across Mr. Elias' book and refers to it on his web page.

Way back in  1927, his book talks of free buzzing, pedal tones, and instructions for "Building the embouchure for an octave above High C"

The Cover Page describes what is contained in the book.
  How to Practice
  Breath Control
  Muscle Building
  Lip Trills
  Extreme High Tones
  25 Pages of Major and Minor scales and Chords
  36 Major and Minor Triads
  Dim 7th chord scales
  Whole Tone Scales
  Correct Single, Double and Triple Tonguing
  Most Important Finger Exercises
  Syncopation Studies
  18 Tricks (Baby Cry, Cat Meow, Horse Laugh, Circular Breathing, etc)
  20 Valuable Pointers

Just $15, which, for now, will include shipping in the United States.

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