Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 13:58:05 -0500
From: "Roger A. McDuffie Jr" <>
Subject: Fagerquist warm-up

It was published in a national magazine about 20 years ago. Page 2 is a ii7 - V7 sequence through all major keys . . . just a little etude. Page 1 is described below with no editing.

Roger McDuffie

Phase I
Starting on G in staff, slur quarter G down to quarter C back up to half G.
Transpose this down through the 7 valve combinations.

Phase II
In same rhythm as before and all open,
Bend low C to B and back.
Bend low C to Bb and back.
Bend low C to A and back.
Bend low C to Ab and back.

Phase III
Carrying on the last idea above,
Bend low B down to G and back--all 2nd valve.
Bend low Bb down to Gb and back--all 1st valve.
Bend low A down to F and back--all 1 & 2.
Bend low G# down to E and back--all 2 & 3.
Bend low G down to Eb and back--all 1 & 3.
Bend low F# down to D and back--all 1, 2, & 3.

Phase IV
Using pedal fingerings like in the 8va above, here and throughout,
Bend half note F (false pedal note) down into half note E.
Without breathing, repeat.
Transpose same thing down by half steps until lowest note is C#.

Phase V
Play false pedal F as half note. Half rest.
Transpose down by half steps through Db.

Phase VI
Slur from quarter note F at bottom of staff down through quarter C, quarter A, and quarter F (1st valve).
Transpose same arpeggio down half steps through Db.

Phase VII
Slur from quarter note F at bottom of staff directly down to false F.
Transpose same 8va slur down by half steps through Db.

Phase VIII
Repeat previous idea but slur 3 notes in each phrase, starting from F at the
top of staff as quarter - quarter - half.

Phase IX
Repeat previous idea, but the first phrase's notes are F at bottom of staff to false pedal F back to Bb. Db is the lowest note reached.

Phrase X
Slur double pedal C up to pedal C up to low C up to tune-up C up to high C.
Slur first two notes together, breathe, and slur last 3 notes together.
Transpose upward by half steps until reaching F above high C.

My own likes and dislikes about this warm-up:
1. I like beginning on G in staff. I often want to do some more, similar stuff before playing very much below the staff.
2. I like Phase II's way of getting me ready for false pedal F.
3. I wonder if Phase V contributes much.
4. I wonder if Phase VII contributes much.
5. I love Phase IX. It shows me how well the previous music has made me play the last note in each phrase.
6. For me, there's a lot missing between Phrase IX and X. I MUST delete the first and last note in each of Phase X's phrases.