Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 12:38:49 -0500
From: Jeanne G Pocius <>
Subject: Re: Farkas (Was *Embouchure Study*)

It's really important to keep things in context:  Farkas was a horn player, and as such was working from the standpoint of
having a conical bore instrument with an extremely deep cup/narrow rim/small diamter mouthpiece....What's more, the horn,
though it plays into a much lower range on a regular basis, doesn't have to play as high, nor as loudly as the typical trumpet player...

Especially given the propensity for trumpeters to used larger diameter rims, *C* shaped cups(moreso than the hornist's *V* shaped ones), and the necessity for playing a wide variety of styles and ranges (which are quite different from what is
expected of horn players), we should be careful about adopting principles from horn playing into trumpet playing...

It's far more likely that you'll see a higher percentage of upper lip in the mouthpiece in a horn player's embouchure than is practical for most trumpet players....

Use common sense, please, when talking about embouchures:
Consider the tasks at hand (as well as the structure and physiology of accomplishing those tasks!) ...

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> This sounds like an interesting an worthwhile project.Hopefully you can use
> some of the knowledge,information,experience of the many fine players on this
> forum.That being said,I would like to put in more than my usual two cents.
> In my experience searching through the virtual "holy grail" of trumpet
> knowledge through literature and the many fine teachers (and gurus if you
> will, I have found the Farkas book one of the LEAST effective embouchure
> methods on the market.Since this debate has been on here before,I know that
> I am not alone in this opinion.I have found a lot of fine bits of information
> on this subject on many of the fine trumpet web sites.An article or interview
> with Allen Vizzuti (who I do not know) seems to express this opinioni in
> a pretty straight forward way.Although he seems to also say something to
> the effect that it might work for others.I would almost go as far to say that
> the Farkas book and method could ruin a player even in the right hands.I
> expect a mild debate about some of these brash statements.But perhaps if
> one reads the debate that my statements will cause,you will have a lot of
> source material,and others will cite their sourses(sp) and we will all learn
> as a result