Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 09:48:08 -0500
From: Bryan Edgett <>
Subject: [TPIN] Happy Thanksgiving

Each year at Thanksgiving, I am reminded in a way that I seldom stop to ponder during the year proper, about the many things for which I am thankful. As it pertains to us here, I am thankful for the many colleagues and friends I have met through TPIN in more that 10 years on the list. Here'a a partial list of my TPIN thankful moments:

I've bought and sold instruments here that I wouldn't have bought had I not been a member.

Some of the posts I've written here led column editors in the ITG Journal to ask me to write a column for ITG.

I met Rich Szabo, Jeanne Pocius, and Clint McLaughlin on the list and took a lesson with each of them. They each shared perspectives that I had not fully considered previously.

I met Leon Merian on this list and have taken several lessons with him. He treats me as his son. What an irrepressible man!

I've coordinated several TPIN F.O.T. works at the ITG Conferences. Steve Wright's works were especially good. In those ensembles, I've played with Wilmer Wise, Chase Sanborn, Karl Sievers, Steve Wright, Jim Klages, Doug Wilson, Al Lilly, and many, many others.

Our esteemed leader wrote on my behalf when I was up for promotion and tenure helping me to receive both. What a resource and friend he has been!!

I've sent and received music overnight when necessary. I've placed former students with new teachers when their parents got jobs in other parts of the country thanks to TPIN's reach.

And I've received numerous thank you's and letters of encouragement from top players and teachers, some of whom read the list but almost never post. Those have meant a great deal to me.

And those are just the things at the top of my list.

So, Michael and members, thanks for a great list. It's a joy to belong to this group.

Blessings all,

Bryan Edgett