Date: Tue, 09 Jun 1998 21:26:40 -0500
From: Brian Frederiksen <>
Subject: Herseth Concert

In this morning's Chicago papers, there were articles about the Herseth Concert. Here are the links to the text but unfortunatly, no pictures!,1051,SAV-9806090323,00.html

Several people have written great accounts of this concert in the past few days. Let me add a few stories.

During the rehearsal (1pm that afternoon), Bud came up to conduct the Gabrieli Canzona #2. The first thing he did was give the smallest beat possible telling everyone in a thick accent "That's how Reiner conducted!"

There is a portion of the floor that was autographed and given to him. Someone signed "Michael Jordan #23" Bud thought it was a hoax.

Frank Crisafulli and Arnold Jacobs made their first trip to the refurbished Symphony Center. With a combined careers lasting 95 years, they knew the old building. On this trip, they were lost! They had no idea were they were in the building until they saw the hall. Maybe someone should have given them road maps.

After the concert was a reception with hundreds in attendance - a great event! After that was a smaller gathering in the top floor of Orchestra Hall.  At about 8pm someone remembered about the Bulls. A call went out to find they were winning by 30 points. The celebration continued - it was a great time. It finally broke up at 9pm. The Bulls finally won by 42 but no one really cared.

If you haven't had enough about Bud, I still have the 1994 article from the SMITHSONIAN on my web page. This will stay until the end of the month. If you have not seens this, this is a "must read" article.

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