Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 00:18:17 -0500
From: "LEON MERIAN" <>
Subject: Re: [TPIN] Answer to Derek Reaban and  and ALL TPINers...

Toshi my friend...
All the variables [physical, mechanical] aspects are SO intimately bound together that attempting to compartmentalize them will lead to a breakdown in the entire process. We must EMPHASIZE the musical and not the technical...

The WHOLE, not the individual components. Think of the PLEASURE of playing ...NOT the various difficulties...

In listening to the sound, the complete, total  sound will in no way hinder your responsibility to refining your sound and articulation !!!

In this way you will be allowing  yourslf to play more objectively. When you play well, you are LISTENING well !!! Because your senses are more in tune with the music  rather than trying to control the functions !!!

This way of playing will also make you a more NATURAL player.......  I think that the most effective long term solution to good control and developing your playing to your personal satisfaction ,is in in having a clear concept of your [personal] sound... Involvement with the music instead of being preoccupied with specific skills and techniques..............

I say to all of you teachers out there...try to create musicians and not  simply technicians..

All my respect to all of you hornblowers..........


> Leon,
> While I agree with you completely on this matter, I don't think this is what
> Derek's discussion of David Monette's descriptive terms of sound was about.
> In my interpretation, Derek is hoping for us to adopt a common vocabulary
> that the listener can use to describe the sound of trumpet playing. I didn't
> get the impression that Derek wants us as players to be thinking of
> Monette's terms while on the stage.
> Toshi Clark