Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 10:29:42 EDT
Subject: Oiling Your Valves...from Ronnie Romm

> I think that I remember hearing somewhere that there was a way to oil your
> valves by only oiling one place....I think Ronnie Romm came up with it, or
> something like that.  I think he had something to do with it anyway.  Does
> anybody know this?  Does it work?
> Louie

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Hi Louie:
About oiling your valves...I always recommend that we pull the first valve slide out and drip some oil in there, as well as in the leadpipe; when we do this, and then blow vigorously through the instrument, the entire insides of the instrument are lubricated.  We know that sound travels faster and more smoothly through a wet medium than a dry one.  This method of oiling keeps the valves running smoothly in their casings; remember that when we remove the valves from the casings, there is risk of making minute dents or "dings" on the valves when we replace them.  Then, it can be conjectured, we have to expect that it will take time for the valves to reseat...the dings and dents have caused a change of "round".  We don't take the pistons out of our car's engine to oil them; since we don't have an oil reservoir for our trumpets (that reservoir for us is our valve oil bottle), I like to think that the less (externally caused) wear we can create to the pistons and casings, the longer, better, and smoother (faster, too) the valves will perform.

Ron Romm