Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2000 02:05:09 -0600 (CST)
From: ('Pops')
Subject: Re: Pitch Center

Hi Jack;

I'm still wondering when a Buzz stopped being a lip vibration and vice versa.

As for buzzing being counter productive to pedals....

Well I know hundreds of lip buzzers who can play pedals. But then you don't buzz so your experience in this topic comes from?????

Allowing the lips to touch each other before blowing does NOT mean having tense, tight lips.

<<<Don't think about the lips, relax and let the air do the work.>>>

You've written this 100 times. And the last half is correct. To be a good trumpet player one must be relaxed and use the air to carry the music. But it is so much easier if you start with a good chop setting I've got students with double C ranges and even triple C's.  (Check out Rex Merriweather he is moving to LA in March.)
But now
<<<Let the air do the work the embouchure adjusts.>>>
Doesn't that imply at least some thought? And maybe even a slight amount of importance given to the lips.

I really want to thank the people who wrote the list about me. You see Jack those are players that other teachers gave up on. I was able to show them how to find their embouchure and allow the air to work. The air is useless if the embouchure is really set poorly. Two of those people completely turned their playing around in about 2 hours. The tone cleared up and the airy JR High sound became clear.

2 of the comeback players who wrote letters for my webpage were long-time students of Mr. Gordon. Jack even you said you studied for 10 years.

That's TOO LONG !!!!!!!!!

If your teacher can't get you together in a year then you've got the wrong teacher.

Trumpet playing is NOT a mystical thing. There are REAL physical laws involved in it. When we try to apply them to fit our own physical structure we get fast results. When the teacher gives you a book to play from and lets you find yourself then it takes years. And in many cases the student never finds it on their own.

Oh I know exactly where you are coming from. And CG  .....  you were taught that way and so was I. It was only after failing under so many different teachers that I realized where my problem was. I got the answer from Mendez in his book. I then learned how to apply it to different players and different mouth formations. I didn't have 100% success. There were times when during the 2nd or 3rd lesson (NOT year) we would change directions and find a better way for that student. You see there SHOULD be real improvement with every lesson. You should be able to hear it. In real teaching there is NO "well if you keep doing this it will come around".

There are real changes every week. And if there is not then something is not right and the teacher needs to find the problem.

Yeah Jack I have REALLY tried your way for years. Have you ever really tried mine? For a year? A month? A week?

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Best wishes
Clint 'Pops' McLaughlin