Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2006 08:38:22 -0400
From: Bryan Edgett <>
Subject: [TPIN] MY Review of ITG

I look forward to the ITG conference every year almost as if it were my first. I admit it; I'm a trumpet geek. A music geek, too, but a trumpet geek. I love listening to good trumpet playing, hearing good pedagogy and history, and thinking about what I can incorporate into my own playing and teaching.

Bryan Appleby-Winberg assembled a stellar line-up rivaling any I've seen. I'll mention the highlights from my perspective.

The Army Herald Trumpets were impressive. I wonder how many instruments they had to try before they found the ones that they have? Those instruments tend to be brutal to control, but those players handled them very well.

What can be said about Mnozil Brass hat hasn't been said? In honesty, I never have seen a more impressive brass show. Simply superb musicianship combined with athletics, comedy, and the like. I was completely impressed with how thoroughly they had mastered ear training. They sang in tune and even played nose flutes in tune. I don't know if I ever have heard a wider dynamic range. I am certain that I've never heard 7 people play louder without the sound breaking up.

Monarch Brass acquitted themselves very, very well and quite artistically. Excellent music making and compelling musicianship all around.

Aric Aubier handled the Tomasi Concerto wonderfully and with great aplomb. The angular melodies and pointed articulation leaped from his instrument. The second movemet sounded improvised, as it should. Just outstanding.

But nothing prepared me for the most stellar soloist I ever have heard in Matthias Höfs. He played with such superb legato, compelling technique that augmented but never overwhelmed the music, flawless execution, and combined them over 3 movements lasting nearly a half an hour in the most awesome performance I've heard. His sound was as beautiful as that of any singer. I simply never have heard a solo played better, on any instrument.

Eric Ewazen's music was featured prominently among the performers. What a wonderful writer and simply a prince of a human being. He was gracious and warm with all of the musicians, genuinely happy that people liked his music. And his writing is just excellent. I must say that after all of the experimental and merely mathmatical works that saturated my listening in my college years, I am just delighted to find a composer who writes such wonderfully listenable music in new and fresh ways. I must say that Rob Bradshaw does so as well.

Rich Illman's talk on yoga and Barbara Butler's seminar on confidence (and othr things) provided excellent food for thought. Patrick Hession's seminar discussed life on the road with Maynard, his approach to playing which he demonstrated with a fat powerful sound even at 9:30 in the morning.

I absolutely loved Scott Laskey's new horns. I own one of his conversion C's which I loved from the first day I played it. His new B-flat is simply maginficent for the way that I play. I have one on order.

It was great to see friends that I only get to see once a year, to play and conduct on the Festival, to buy music and CD's, and to hear such wonderful music making. Kudos to Dr. Appleby-Wineberg for a stellar conference.


Bryan Edgett