Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 03:17:13 -0800
From: carlton <>
Subject: Re: Stamp a student of Maggio?


I'm sorry I haven't answered this question sooner but the answer is yes that Jimmy Stamp did study with Louis Maggio for a very short time and then went on his own to develop his own system. Like Claude Gordon they both used some of the principals of the Maggio System but like most teachers they were very complicated and inclined to confuse some of their students.  I played with Claude at CBS radio and on many occasions but I never played with Jimmy although he was a friend of mine.

They were both gentlemen and good players and produced good students but Louie was the master and I'm sure that it was his simple direct style that created so many good players.  If there is a secret that is it "SIMPLE TRUTHS", and easy to understand.

Carlton MacBeth, Maggio System.