Date: Thu, 08 Oct 1998 10:13:34 -0400
From: Jeanne G Pocius <>
Subject: Re:*The Farkas Problem*((IMPORTANT! READ THIS!))


This is WAY too important for anyone to miss on reading it....Btw, folks, both Rune's and Ole's pages are terrific additions to the resources available to trumpeters!

This is a quote from Rune's page:(comments are mine)

>>The Farkas problem

>>If playing with a neutral or bunched chin, the center of the lower lip
>>is supported by the chin muscles.  This assists in closing the aperture.
((in other words: NOT with the *Farkas approach*))

>>But the Farkas method recommends a taut chin, as used by horn players.
>>While this seems to work fine with the French horn, trumpet players
>>doing this sometimes end up with severe trouble.

((It works for french horn largely because of the extremely DEEP nature of the horn mpc's cup shape....And via a *smile* type tautness it hugs the lower lip _hard_ against the lower teeth))

>>The taut chin pulls the center of the lower lip downwards, opening the
>>aperture. This is counter productive to the efficiency principle, and
>>should therefore be avoided.

((The danger with an open aperture is that the resistance to the airstream must then be provided at some spot OTHER than at the lips themselves...This often leads to detrimental things like a closed throat and/or closed teeth/jaw, the tongue hugging against the roof of the mouth, and the mouthpiece being pressed HARD against the lips(to keep them in contact with each other), which leads to compression injuries such as split lips, swelling, bruising, and cyst formation...All of which can be minimalized or prevented completely by efficient use of lips, air, and torso support...))

>>(There are many horror stories about trumpet players, having ruined
>>themselves this way.)

((And for GOOD REASON!))
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Take Care!