Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2003 11:31:09 -0700
From: Julie <>
Subject: [TPIN] Tim Morrison talks about Air Pockets

Hey All,

There were a few posts about using air pockets and a reference to Tim
Morrison. Since he is one of our endorsers and a friend, I asked him about
his use of air pockets. Below is the email that he sent me.


"The primary pocketing spot is the upper lip and cheek area above the corners. It's important to keep corners and cheeks firm, but to allow the air pockets to form. I've found this dramatically reduces counter-productive embouchure stress, yet keeps strength where you need it, which is in the corners and through the middle of the cheeks. One more thing. There is always air present under the upper lip/cheek area and even more noticeably when playing in the lower register. This is paramount in getting the "trombone effect" in lower register playing. As you ascend, the facial muscles come more into play and the air pockets become less noticeable, but are still present."
- Tim

This is all I can submit to you, so I can't help you with any clarification
beyond the information above. He is really busy!

Hope this helps someone!

Julie Patton