Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 00:17:01 -0500
From: Michael Anderson <>
Subject: Re: [TPIN] What do you play?

Michael Anderson


Bb - ML Bach 37, full Larson Brasswerks conversion.

C - LB Bach 229, full larson Brasswerks conversion.

Picc - New Schilke P7-4 (grrrr)

Flugel - 30 year old, raw brass Yamaha 631 - stolen recently. ;( Bought in 1978 for $235 brand new. Really hurting over losing this one. Searching for a replacement... Sorta.

Getzen Custom C cornet - use mostly for solo work

Close to buying a Getzen custom Bb cornet with rose brass bell - see above.

I play them like trumpets with cup shaped mouthpieces. No brass band or Clarke solos for me. *ducks*

Eb/D - don't have one. Can't stand playing them. I've owned several good ones, always end up selling them due to lack of use.

I also have a ML Bach C trumpet 238 bell that I am having modified by Calicchio with a Larson reverse leadpipe and tuning slide and some other secret voodoo. Hoping it will be a good solo/chamber horn. If not, I might have it converted to an Eb. Yeah, I know I hate em.

Rotary - Shagerl Vienna 2001 C with a bunch of extras - this horn is actually owned by my school, but I sometimes play it in the orchestra.

Mouthpieces - have about 40 on my desk right now. Mostly for students and experimenting.

Bb - Bach 1C, 25 throat, standard bbore
C - Stomvi Old Style Bach Copy - 1C - 26 throat, almost 24 bbore
Picc - currently on the mouthpiece safari to make the Shilke playable -
Reeves 42 SPC is the piece du jour. Also a Stomvi 7E and a Park with a bunch of numbers on it and rick baptist's name on it..
Cornet - depends on the lit - Bach 6, Bach 1C, Getzen 4M, Bach 3c, Parke Merkelo with a bunch of numbers.
Flugel - used to have a Bach 3FL. Liked that... Stolen with the horn.

Bb - Reeves 43S-690-somethin' and for extreme work Reeves 43ES

Many of my pieces are fitted and cut for Reeve's sleeves. My colleague in the orchestra has a lathe and does this mod cutting them by hand. Yeah, I know.

Ok. That was surprisingly fun.