Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 01:26:28 +0000
Subject: Re: Air support - Sail The Seven C's

Hi, Rune!

Rune Aleksandersen wrote:
> I'd like to hear more about folk's experiences regarding relaxing
> the air!
>  I guess I've always unconsciously felt that the chops are "neutral"
>  and *react* to the air.

Here is what Sail The Seven C's has to say !

By compressing the lips into the M -m-m-m position, we create a resistance to the airstream.  The correct partial, or tone, is selected by varying the amount of lip tension, thus altering the resistance to the varying degrees of air pressure.  When air is projected through the lips with sufficient strength to overcome the resistance, the desired pitch will result.

1. Increasing the amount of air, without increasing the resistance, will cause an increase in loudness.

2. Decreasing the amount of air, without lessening the resistance,  will cause the volume of tone to diminish. If the amount of air is decreased sufficiently, the tone will cease altogether.

3. Increasing the resistance, without increasing the strength of the airstream, will result in a higher partial of less intensity. (softer)

4. Decreasing the resistance, without decreasing the strength of the airstream, will result in a lower partial which is also louder.

When the resistance becomes greater than the air pressure, the sound will be lessened to the point where the lips no longer vibrate. This represents our highest tone. Conversely, when the strength of the airstream is too great for the player’s ability to provide resistance, the embouchure will collapse, air will leak at the corners of the mouth, or elsewhere, and no higher partial can be attained until the muscles, which control resistance, are further developed.



Clyde Hunt
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