Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 16:26:06 EDT
Subject: Re: The anti-TPIN lobby

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<< Maybe we could hold on to more subscribers and pro players if we make a
 concerted effort to follow the TPIN Guidelines for posting. This means
 eliminating posts with no content, thinking thrice before flaming anyone
 and generally posting with more responsibility for the well-being of the
 community. This is what the Guidelines were written to accomplish. >>

It doesn't make sense to me to try to convince the kind of people who don't like TPIN. They don't like it. No matter how you dress it up or hide it, it's still what it is and those who don't like it won't ever like it.

I call it Rush Limbaugh syndrom. Rush is very convincing on his show......on HIS show. I'll never forget when he went on David Letterman and Letterman ate his lunch. It's a matter of being a master of monolog, but pitifull at dialog.
These pros (and I hate calling them that because we have several "pros" on this list - we should call them "stars" or "celebrities") are used to doing monolog styled clinnics where they are the featured speaker. In that setting, there are no confrontations. They are right because it's their clinnic. Any type of confrontational dialog at a clinnic would be considered extremely rude and bad form.

In this context, their monolog falls appart. I don't think many of them have ever had to clarify their ideas or to even defend their ideas the way we all do on TPIN. I don't think they can handle it.

And its a shame because they would become better for it if they stuck it out. Not because we have anything to teach them, but because in clarifying their thoughts to us and by defending their ideas, they will have a greater understanding of their own ideas and thoughts. This is one of the first things that my father ever tought me. One of the best ways to learn is to share your knowledge with others.

That's my slant on this whole thing. I think we should just wait it out and leave things the way they are. Sooner or later, our kind of "star" trumpet player will join us because he or she likes what TPIN is all about. Let's not try to force it.

Eddie Lewis
Houston, TX