Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 15:58:25 -0500
From: Ron <>
Subject: Re: Attention Comeback players or anyone that would like-Reply

First, I have been hesitant to reply to Stanton's comments regarding the SCREAMIN video. However, I believe by addressing this issue would clear some of the points of concern.

Stanton's comments and views are very well appreciated.  We knew when we made the video that not everyone would fully understand the contents and there would be unanswered questions.  We made our best effort in the making of the video by showing a prototype to hundreds of trumpet players at the high school and college level.  By having them fill out questionnaires regarding confusing issues, we were able to repeat the process until we produced an instructional video that is understandable and informative. This process lasted nearly a year before we ended with the final version. We had to put a stop to it at some point or we would have never released it.  Again, we were aware that the explanations contained in the video would not be the ultimate explanation for every player.  This is why we make ourselves available, free of charge, to any player who needs additional information or instruction by mail or phone.

The video was filmed and recorded in a studio. We had a budget to work with and still exceeded that budget before finishing.  The primary purpose of the video was not to entertain or awe the student with Bill's playing. It is for instructional purposes only. We use it as a tool to teach the system. To produce a book with the information contained within the video would have been almost impossible.  Since there is no universal trumpet language, different terms would have meant different things to different students.

Stantons remark's concerning improving on the video are well taken.  In fact, all comments and suggestions are welcome.  If we could reproduce the video, many of his ideas would be incorporated. This was our first project of this nature and if we ever get another opportunity to do another, these suggestions would be considered. We're not movie producers, we're just simply trumpet players trying to share what we have learned.

The bottom line is we are dedicated to teaching this system and we have chosen a format to make it easier for the student to learn.  If you want to learn to increase your range, power, endurance and sound, we will teach you.  In my opinion, the video makes it easier for you to understand what we're talking about as opposed to a method book. This is not a quick fix method. Please don't think you'll be playing double Cs in a week,  because you won't.  You'll learn how its done but it'll be up to you to apply the system.

Anyone, whether you have purchased the video or not, is welcome to call or write with questions.


Ron /