Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 10:57:37 -0500
From: Jeanne G Pocius <>
Subject: Re: Callet bottom lip

> > To clarify: though small section of the inner part of the lower lip
> > does tend to cover the top of the bottom teeth, my concern is that
> > those who have not looked at the drawings and or experienced the
> > method properly might be (erroneously) led to believe that they
> > should bring the whole bottom lip over the bottom teeth(ala
> > clarinet), which is definitely NOT optimal....
> How far is optimal?  I think I may bring my bottom lip over my lower
> teeth too far.

The definitive answer would be to say that if your chin is flat (rather than *bunched*), or if your bottom lip has ceased to vibrate, or if it is not possible to bring any of your bottom lip up, over the top teeth, you have brought too much of the bottom lip inside the teeth....

This is a rather delicate process, really, and it's easy to overdo it...

Try this:

Gently slide your top teeth a very tiny distance down  the inside of your bottom lip.(your lips should be gently  pressed against each other, outside your upper teeth)

2. )
Gently suck at the part of your bottom lip which is between the bottom of your top teeth and the top of your bottom teeth.

        This should give you a basic idea of about the amount of lip that comes over the bottom teeth (your tongue should be resting on top of the bottom teeth to prevent the bottom lip from coming too far in)

        A big advantage to this set-up is that you will no longer experience a drop in pitch after the initial attack on a note...