Date: Fri, 9 Jan 1998 19:12:42 +0000
From: Jim Klages
Subject: Re: Carnival of Venice
         Carnival of Venice is the most effective piece I have found for  cornet and band. I have performed it over 100 times with bands around the  country. It has had the highest percentage of standing ovations of any  piece that I have played.
         I believe the secret of mastery of every variation is metronome  practice. Every time I am going to perform it - I start with the metronome  as slow as I can stand. Play every variation at that tempo -note perfect -  then move it up a notch (my metronome moves in increments of 1). I do this  until I run out of numbers. I practice both the whole solo this way and  then each variation separately.
         In doing this process, it is impossible not to memorize the solo.  At the end of these session - I always play the entire solo away from the  metronome - the piece must never be mechanical sounding. (I didn't see  which version you are playing - my favorite is the Arban - because of the  number of variations.)
         The practice route is one that I use for almost everything I play. It destroys stage fright as an issue- if you can play a solo at any  tempo  - you don't have to worry about poor conductors.
 Jim Klages
 Former cornet soloist "the President's Own" Marine Band