Date: Sat, 03 Oct 1998 12:24:56 -0700
From: Raymond Burkhart <>
Subject: Re: "Giuseppe Concone-The Complete Solfeggi"

This is a *great* book, in my opinion. I'm requiring it for all my students and recommending it to others. As a book for the professional who wants refreshing, lyrical melodies for warm-ups or sight-reading or whatever, it's terrific. For the teacher who wants to teach phrasing, concept, pitch, articulation, breathing, sight-reading, transposition, etc., etc., it's terrific. I've enjoyed Concone before, but this complete collection is a must. It goes right in with Arban, Clarke, etc.

Here's Balquidder's web page description:

Concone, Giuseppe (ed. John Korak)
The Complete Solfeggi, transcribed & edited for Trumpet
All five groups by the famous master of vocal art in one volume!
Thirty Daily Exercises, Fifty Lessons, Twenty-five Lessons, Fifteen Vocalises and Forty Lessons. Intermediate to   Medium-Advanced. Excellent material for lyrical phrasing, breath control, endurance. With glossary of Italian terms and listing by keys.

Good material for early transposition assignments. (144pp) (BQ-051) $19.95

Balquidder's address is:

Balquhidder Music
PO Box 856
Montrose, California 91021 USA

Since Carl Fischer is distributing it, you can also call your local music store and have them order it. Make sure they look in the newest catalog, though. One of the music stores in my area couldn't find it right off 'cause they didn't look carefully enough!

Rob Roy McGregor, who heads Balquidder, is a friend of mine, but I don't work for him, or anything like that. I've taken the time to give lots of info on this book because I LOVE THIS BOOK. We should all be playing from it, and that can be said of relatively few books.

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Raymond Burkhart
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