Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 13:29:05 -0400
From: Jeanne G Pocius <>
Subject: Fwd: Doodle/Anchor Tonguing?

Okay, Tom:

        The *doodle* type of double tonguing(or triple tonguing for that matter) moves the whole process closer to the very front of the mouth, so that the tongue is actually more or less rocking between the bottom and top teeth(not in the space between them...)

        The first step is to practice the syllable of *Q*, but with air aspirated(much like a little kid playing cowboys and indians imitating the sound of a pistol *QHHHEW*)....This needs to be practiced with the tip of the tongue anchored on the tops of the bottom teeth until it is as strong and crisp as a marcato single tongue attack....

        Once this is accomplished, move on to reversing the order of the syllables in *normal* double tonguing(iow  *QTQT* instead of TKTK), but always keeping the tongue far forward(you're actually anchoring the tip of the tongue on the top of the bottom teeth and using the spot just behind that to produce the *t* syllable by having it strike the bottom edge of the top teeth; and thus, the *q* syllable occurs on the roof of the mouth very close to where the top of the top teeth meet the hard palate)....

        It takes some time, but eventually you'll find that you're able to simply rock the front of the tongue back and forth and have a very fast, very clear double tongue(which sounds like single tonguing)....You'll also be able to do this at very slow speeds as well, so when you accelerate, it sounds like you're single tonguing very fast indeed....

        The truth, though, is that you're doing this doodle type of double tonguing, not single tonguing which requires a separate stroke of the tongue for evry single note....

        Hope this helps, let me know if I can clarify it further for you...

Tom Warner wrote:
> Jeanie,
> >Note:  this technique which I'm describing is closer to a
> >*doodle* type of tonguing, and is easier to slow down or speed up
> >than the more traditional TKTK.   Anybody who wants more
> >clarification, feel free to email me directly....
> Yes please, tell me more!
> All the best,
> Tom

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