Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 08:26:07 +0000
From: "Rune Aleksandersen" <>
Subject: Re: Embouchure change?

Hello Craig, thinking of changing your embouchure?

>         First of all, are there many of you who have gone through a change?
I am still changing. Maybe the process of playing the instrument will be a continous embouchure change, always doing small adjustments for improvement.

>         If so,  When did you do it?
I started the process about a year ago. And it still goes on.

>                 How did you do it?
I waited much too long to get a teacher. So instead I read a lot of books. But I got frustrated. There were so many different approches, seemingly without any correlation.
I am that kind of persons that needs to understand things in detail, so I started thinking and trying to understand why people play so differently. And I made a trumpet web page where I collected these thoughts. Later, a lot of people have given me feedback and shared their thoughts. So things are spinning...
And I have started taking lessons from a very good teacher. The kind that knows trumpet, and not only plays it.

>                 Why did you do it?
I was not satisfied with my results. I did not have the control, power and endurance to play lead trumpet. And I wanted to do that.

>                 How long before you saw results? Did you get the results you expected?
Things take time, much more than I expected. And improvement came gradually with sudden jumps inbetween. Much of the change is actually doing small adjustments which makes trumpet playing more efficient. Looking back on year, I am clearly a much better trumpet player. Also, I do play lead trumpet in a big band, which I love. Currently, I am experiencing great improvement in very short time, trying out some new techniques.

>         Is there anyone against undergoing an embouchure change? Why?
Trumpet playing should be a continuos quest, trying to improve. And to improve, there will be changes in the embouchure.
How to change is another question?

Rune Aleksandersen