Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 09:54:56 -0500
From: Bill Fatch <>
Subject: Newly Published Etudes & Duos

Trumpet List,

Here are a few never before published etudes and duos for trumpet that may be of interest.
All are published by:

         Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag
         Karlstraße 10
         04103 Leipzig  Germany

  Belloli, Agostino:  8 ausgewählte Etüden
  Böhme, Oskar: 24 melod. Studien
  Cugnot, Alexandre:  15 ausgewählte Etüden
  Franz, Oskar:  10 Große Concert-Etüden
  Gallay, Jacques François:  12 Grandes Etudes Brillantes
  Gugel, Heinrich: 12 Etüden
  Kling, Henry:  10 Etüden

  Marchesi, Mathilde:  24 Vokalisen

  Gallay, Jacques François: 6 Duos faciles, op. 41
  Gatti, Domenico: 14 ausgewählte Duo
  Gatti, Domenico:   6 konzertante Duos
  Kling, Henry:  30 Duos
  Rossini, Gioacchino:  6 Duos

  Lasso, Orlando di:  Echo, Für 8 Trompeten

Give them a try, they are technically challenging, yet very musical in content, I think you'll like them.
In the meantime....

Bill Fatch
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