Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 08:32:48 +0200
From: "Ole J. Utnes" <>
Subject: Re: Expression (now also Folk Tunes)

Hello again!

Ian also started a nice tread about **song&trumpet** !

Herseth list some singers:
The Swedish tenor Jussi Bjoerling. "Ahh ,.. his singing was out of slight, out of sight."
Frank Sinatra "The guy really puts across the lyrics of a tune."

(see my page

At the Herseth seminar (did you attend Ian?) there was some clever kids (Ole and Håkan etc.) - but when Ole Edvard played for Herseth (Tartini and such things, you know...) Bud said he would rather hear him play some simple songs!

Some while ago I started taking lessons on French Horn (flamers feel free...). Since I'm grown up and elder than my Horn teacher I do not have to take the regular "etude checking" type of instructions (as I had to when studying).

When my young teacher gave me some etudes (some of them boring), I showed her my book of Folk Tunes (my own personal collection) and told her I much prefer playing those. This I do every day on all my horns (Tuba, Baritone, Horn and Trumpet).

I also told here my "philosophy":
"A lot of etudes and melodic exercises in books, are in my opinion very boring. But folk tunes that have been "filtered" through the years and centuries are often very beautiful and you get that important "inner song feeling" when playing them. In my practice, I like to play such tunes and melodies as a supplement to Concone and other quality melodic studies."

This was a kind of an "AHA experience" for her and she said she too often had played etudes mechanical and lifeless.
Well this inspired me to make a webpage with some of that material for other players to get:

If you go to the page, you will at the top also find a sound sample with Chet Baker, playing a simple Norwegian song.
Listen! Great!..... well, Chet was also a singer.

So feel free to download (MIDI or NWC) or just print out the tunes from the graphic image

I will add some more tunes to the page soon, so stay "tuned".

Regards, Ole
P.S. Thanks again, Ian for starting this nice thread!
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