From Jamie Tobitt

[StTim = Jon Faddis and Tim Phillips] - StTim has joined #tpin

(StTim) For Robert Maxwell... What kind of special techniques do you use to get such high fast riffs and long sustained high notes to speak so well.

(StTim) I think the important thing is to be able to hear what you want to do in the upper register.

(StTim) The problem most trumpet players have when playing in the upper register,
is trying to force everything using too much mpc pressure (arm) - poor posture, which creates too much tension, and not having practiced correctly in order to produce music in the upper register

(StTim) What I recommend is first of all - good posture.

(StTim) If the posture is correct, usually the breathing will follow. And by good posture, one should be standing as tall as possible as if a string were pulling the top of your head upwards.

(StTim) Breathing deeply and filling the tank (lungs) is most important. Many people try to play in the upper register by breathing as if they were playing pp in the low register of the horn.

(StTim) Getting the posture and breathing correct is the first step.

(StTim) Practicing ascending arpeggios and scales at a very soft volume is really necessary in order to train the muscles of ones embouchure.

(StTim) Also, most don't realize that it takes a long time to develop upper register playing.

(StTim) So please be patient and continue to practice softly (without tension and without forcing) in order to develop playing in the upper register.

(StTim) PS> Don't forget to listen to those trpt players that create music in the upper register of the instrument. ie... Louis Armstrong, Roy Eldridge, Charlie Shavers, Dizzy, Snooky Young, early MF, et al (and St. Tim adds Jon Faddis)

(StTim) The comment on the sitting is correct. Sit on the edge of the chair - bottom away from the back.

(StTim) The increasing volume reference - I think should come later. Once you train the muscles to do what they need to do in order to produce notes in the upper register, then you can start increasing the volume.