Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 21:23:29 +0200
From: (Mookee)
Subject: Re: Maurice Andre / Franquin's method

>Anyone who now about Franquin book "Methode Complete de la trompette moderne "?

Pierre Thibaud, Professor at the Paris Conservatory 1975-1994, always indulged this book very strongly, and I believe many of his students still use it a lot. The book is still published by Enoch & Cie., 193 Bd. Péreire, 75017 Paris, France. The most famous exercises are the ones dealing with the first attack, surely one of the most difficult things to perfect on the trumpet. Thibaud used to claim that Maurice André was practicing this kind of exercises for 4 hours a day, not too difficult to believe if you listen to his playing! It's also been said that the reason Franquin hardly produced any good students is that most of them died in WW I, though you'll have to investigate that for yourself, since it's just a rumour.

Vänlig Hälsning

Michael Månsson, Basel, Switzerland