Date: Tue, 09 Jun 1998 16:01:19 -0400
From: Tim Phillips <>
Subject: Re: Pilgrimage to Chicago to pay Hommage(shortened!!)

I just have a few quick notes to add.  First, before the concert even started, Bud was brought out on stage.  The applause erupted for about a minute and then a standing ovation followed.  The show of admiration for Bud by the audience clearly got to him.  When he finally got around to speaking, he sounded a little choked up and admitted that it would be difficult for him to play in such a highly emotional state (but that he would try anyway).  He didn't just try :)

It would have been interesting to know how many trumpet players were there.  I know there were many from different cities in the US, even some big names, who bought tickets and sat in the audience, not to mention the people on stage.  I can tell you what a moving experience it was to see such a tribute to a trumpet player.  Well, to call Bud a trumpet player is an understatement;  perhaps a trumpet artist is more correct.  I don't know Bud, but I can imagine knowing that what you have done with your life has mattered to so many people has been a touching moment.   We all want to think that our contribution will touch a life (in a positive way).  Personally, I cannot imagine a more rewarding life event than that.  And he has earned it (IMHO).

Congrats Bud on 50 with the CSO.  Don't conduct; we'll all miss the trumpet playing.  I look forward to attending the 75th anniversary gala in 25 years. I just hope that I am still able to play when I am in my 70s.

Tim Phillips

Below abridged, because you who were interested have already read it :)

Ryan MacGavin wrote:
> Greetings everyone.  For those of  you that couldn't make the Bud Herseth
> Tribute Concert in Chicago, it was definitely a huge point in trumpet