Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 20:29:03 +0100
From: "Ole J. Utnes" <>
Subject: Learning from Horn & Tuba -players

Hello gang !

Two of the best brass text books I have read this last year is not by a trumpet player, or about trumpet playing,  but by a
Horn & Tuba -player.

The Tuba.
Well, there are TPIN'ers who have studied with Arnold Jacobs so this is not knew to us, but still... the book
"Arnold Jacobs: Song and Wind" by Brian Frederiksen, is worth mentioning again.

More info at this URL:

When warming up now I start on my tuba, playing some long notes (scale patter, expanding a new note: C-D-C, then C-D-E-D-C, etc.) By doing this I need a lot of air. Like Arnold advocates I think of making a beautiful sound (the singing
approach). After a couple of minutes with this I feel great - and a byproduct is that I do not need to do breathing exercises.
When I pick up the trumpet I am ready.

Try this if you can!

The Horn
"Thoughts on playing the Horn well"

The great Norwegian horn player and professor of horn and chamber music, Frøydis Ree Wekre, has written a very stimulating and useful book, called "Thoughts on playing the Horn well". This is a textbook about the art or skill of playing a brass instrument. It should be of great interest to all players of "the horn", whether it is a big horn like the tuba, a medium one like the "Horn" or a small one like the trumpet or the cornet.

More info at this URL:

Bottom line: learn from other instrumentalist when ever possible.

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Ole Jorgen Utnes  --  "Oulee the Gentle Viking"