Date: Sat, 4 Oct 1997 14:40:56 +O600, CST
From: "Sparky Koerner" <>
Subject: Re: Don Jacoby

Loyd Asked:

Does anyone know anything about Don Jacoby?  I'm playing a piece that was
written for hi by Alfred Reed and would like to know  a little about him.

Jake as he was know, was a great guy.  I studied with him while at NTSU in the 70's. Even though I was taking lessons with Lenoard Canderlia I had heard that Jake had a unique approach to teaching.  His main concept was AIR, EXAGGERATION, RELAXATION.  If you can get the air working for you then the embouchure will work.  "Put the horn to the lip and blow the air through the horn" He was a Conn clinician in the 60's and a studio player in the Dallas area.  He always had great stories to tell of his days performing with high school and college bands.  His early studies, age 6 1/2,  were with his Uncle Art,  Arthur Ansorg of York, Pa.  He used to say the only day he didn't have to practice was Xmax.  He went to the Ernest Williams School of Music and studied with the Chief from age 16 to 19.  I believe after that he was in the Navy band.  I really feel that the advise that Jake gave me helped me the most with my trumpet playing and that I preach his method to this day some 20 years later.  Jake published a method book back in 1990 and still may be available from his son Bubba at 3311 Westgate Drive Denton Tx. 76201. I know that there are others on TPIN who have studied with Jake and maybe they can add to the little that I have said.  He was a unique man and excellent trumpet player, he received the Humanitarian Award from IAJE some years back and was well deserving of it.

Sparky Koerner, Professor of Music