Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 09:54:48 -0800
From: "Darryl Bayer" <>
Subject: RE: [TPIN] Tips for staying in shape (long)

We have been discussing loud in the context of being in a rock band with electric guitars and the horn section miked. Yes the smart thing to do is get closer to the mike and play softer. A trick I do to sound men is play my flugel at the sound check. Then just before the first song, grab my Bb. (the sound man thinks you are a mellow player and adds some extra highs and more volume)

However acoustically speaking, playing loud only makes you sound like crap if you play loud incorrectly. Playing loud incorrectly comes from not doing any loud practicing. After studying at Tanglewood this summer and getting some excellent feedback after a Houston Symphony audition, I was inspired to improve my loud playing - without changing equipment. Of course that meant one thing, adding loud playing to my routine. Now, I am still not an expert at this but for those players that were asking, try a few of these...

1. AIR AIR AIR AIR and more AIR.
2. Visualize your sound touching the walls.
3. Keep your center and try to make the center big.
4. If the center breaks up, you went too far.
5. Your vision is your guide. Looking straight ahead equals your core, and at the same time think about your peripheral vision as the guide to filling up the room.
6. Record yourself to hear if you are getting blatty.
7. Use the thick underpart of your tongue, not the tip. (Ghitalla taught me this.)
8. Practice in a large room. Sneak into auditoriums when you are getting close to an audition.
9. Practice in different places, especially going from wet to dry rooms.
10. The ten minute rule. Work on your loud playing for ten minutes then rest and come back with some soft lyrical studies.

I also have notes from masterclasses with BSO trumpets Charlie Schlueter and Thomas Rolfs on general trumpet playing that I am working from too. I am sure that others can add to my Top Ten List and I hope they do since I am on TPIN more to read and learn rather than post a lot. Funny additions such as "hey Darryl, you forgot to say join a marching band" will not be taken

Darryl Bayer