Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 14:42:50 +0100
From: "Ole J. Utnes" <>
Subject: Re: Buzzing the leadpipe

"PATTON" wrote:

>John, Greetings from the Last Frontier
>I have found buzzing through the leadpipe a very developmental procedure;
>however it is not the same as buzzing through a mouthpiece, and both are
>required for a fuller practice schedule, as well as lip buzzing.

Thank you for the tip!

I do some of the same:
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1. "Shew-horseflapping"

2. Lip buzzing (Eddie Lewis ex. or Stamp or my own)

3. BERP - glissando
What works very good for me is playing glissandos (or like sirens). Ex. from Brass Tactics (Chase Sanborn) or from Allen Vizzuti's warm-up.

4. BERP - scales
Using the correct fingerings to help "the inner game of music" I try to play with great volume and a very clean sound (like Shew advocates)

5. Will now add leadpipe buzz
I will use the old leadpipe when I change to a new one on my Bb Bach. Then I can do this in the car - (I will try with the BERP as well)

Being a computer professional, I use NoteWorthy Composer as my playback device when I practice some of this stuff (even during the day at work). Have a good sound card (Soundblaster AWE 64) I have put in some of the above mentioned exercises into NoteWorthy, and
have also made a lot of my own exercises. (See my exercise web page:

When I use NoteWorthy, I have an additional line with clicks (woodblock as instrument) In all the exercises, I have rests (with the clicks going all the time) - as long as each exercise. I can of course change the tempo when ever I feel like it.

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