Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 11:27:39 -0500
From: "Chase Sanborn" <>
Subject: trumpet method/study book list

The following list is reprinted from The Brass Tactics Companion. I've added some to my collection since. I'll have to update it.

I hope everybody had a safe and happy holiday!

Chase Sanborn

(From The Brass Tactics Companion)

Lest you think I am making all this stuff up, here is a suggested reading list. Most of these books are mentioned either in Brass Tactics or The Brass Tactics Companion, and all have contributed measurably to my musical education.

Anderson, Cat    The Cat Anderson Trumpet Method
Arban, J.B.    Complete Conservatory Method
Berger, David    Contemporary Jazz Duets
Bergonzi, Jerry    Inside Improvisation
Bing,, William    The Bing Book
Bitsch, Marcel    Vingt Etudes
Bower, Bugs    Bop Duets
Brandt, Vassily    Etudes for Trumpet
Broiles, Mel    Studies and Duets
Caruso, Carmine   Musical Callisthenics for Brass
Charlier, Theo    36 Etudes Transcendantes
Clarke, Herbert    Characteristic Studies
Clarke, Herbert    Technical Studies
Coker, Jerry    Complete Method of Improvisation
Colin, Charles    Advanced Lip Flexibilities
Concone, Guiseppe   Lyrical Studies
Crook, Hal    How to Improvise
Farkas, Philip    The Art of Brass Playing
Fox, Fred     Essentials of Brass Playing
Glantz, Harry    The Complete Harry Glantz
Goldman, E.F.    Practical Studies for the Trumpet
Gordon, Claude    Systematic Approach to Daily Practice
Gordon, Claude    Physical Approach to Elementary Brass Playing
Gouse, Charles     Learn to Play the Trumpet
Grey, Al    Plunger Techniques
Grocock, Robert   Advanced Method for the Trumpet
Hayes, Jack    12 + 1 Trumpet Duets
Hickman, David   The Piccolo Trumpet
Hickman, David   Trumpet Lessons with David Hickman
Hunt, Clyde    Sail the Seven Seas
Instrumentalist, The (magazine)  Brass Anthology
Jacoby, Don    Jake's Method
Johnson, Don    A Comprehensive Routine for the Aspiring Brass Player
Leonard, Hal (pub)   50 Essential Be-Bop Heads
Levine, Mark    The Jazz Theory Book
Lewis, Marc     Clifford Brown Complete Transcriptions
Maxwell, Jimmy    The First Trumpeter
McBeth, Carlton    The Original Louis Maggio System for Brass
McNeil, John    The Art of Jazz Trumpet
Niehaus, Lenny    Trumpets Today Jazz Duets
Piper, Earnest    The Well Tempered Player
Poole, Carl    Jazz for Juniors Progressive Duets
Pottag, Max    Preparatory Melodies to Solo Work
Raph, Alan     Dance Band Rhythms
Reinhardt, Donald   Encyclopedia of the Pivot System
Saint-Jacome    Grand Method for Trumpet or Cornet
Sandoval, Arturo   Playing Techniques and Performance Studies
Schlossberg, Max   Daily Drills and Technical Studies
Sherman, Roger    The Trumpeter's Handbook
Shoemaker, John    Legato  Etudes for Trumpet
Smith, Walter    Top Tones for the Trumpeter
Snedecor, Phil     Low Etudes for Trumpet
Snedecor, Phil     Lyrical Etudes for Trumpet
Urso, Joe & Kevin Seeley   The Upper Register
Vacchiano, William   Trumpet Routines
Van Clieve, Mark   Maximizing Practice
Vizzutti , Allen     Technical, Harmonic, & Melodic Studies
Zorn, Jay     Exploring the Trumpet's Upper Register