Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 14:15:44 -0700
From: "Jack R. Kanstul" <>
Subject: Re: Pedal notes as a tool.

Pedals are the key to good brass playing. When done properly they will(as stated in Claude Gordons Systematic Approach to Daily Practice book page 8)
1. Correct your embouchure - therefore, help high register.
2  Give you great command of your instrument.
3. Give you more power and fluency.
4. Aid your attack and sureness.
5. Develop better vibration.
6. Develop intervals and fluency.
7. Bigger sound in all registers.
8. Develop endurance.

Playing in the pedal register is nothing new. All the greats at the turn of the century used them; Clarke, Liberati, Levy, Pryor and many others to numerous to mention. The reasons for this become apparent when one starts to play them. You can
not play these notes without the embouchure settling where it belongs. It will force the mouthpiece up on the upper lip and toward the center naturally. Therefore its great for correcting emboucher problems. It takes tremendous amounts of air to play pedals as well as you have to remain relaxed and open to play them so your sound opens up and your lips vibrate better. Also your intervals and fluency become better as you have to make the sound as these notes are not naturally on the instrument. Therefore you find the center of the note and develop a good pitch center in all registers. It takes consistent and patient practice in a progessive manner for the pedal register to benefit your playing.

Mr. Gordon addresses this and other concerns of brass playing in all his books. He also has a video thats excellent in demonstrating how to properly play in the pedal register that is avaialable through:
Claude Gordon Enterprises P.O. Box 546 Big Bear Lake, CA  92315
or email:

Jack Kanstul