Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 17:21:29 -1000
From: Mark Minasian <>
Subject: Re: Pedal Notes

Pedal tones are notes below the low f# on the horn.  Though, for the most part, not useable in a musical context, they have pedagogical value. Namely, to get the air moving (you really have to blow to get them to speak), help with embouchure formation ( playing pedal C and lower with 8va fingurings tends to bring the corners of the lips down and purse the lips forward.) and as a warm down after heavy playing.

Here's a simple study to get you started with pedal tones:

Slur from low C down to low G and back to low C using proper fingerings. Now do the same thing, but this time with the valves remaining open.  Make the low G sound just as big open as it does with the 1-3 finguring.

Now do the same thing on B-F#-B, Bb-F-Bb, A-E-A, Ab-Eb-Ab, G-D-G, F#-C#-F#.
Remember to  REST  REST REST!!!!!!!

Another simple exercise is to play descending argeggios. Start on 3rd space C and play a major arpeggio down to low C (C-G-E-C). Continue down by half steps down into the pedal register.  Pedal C may not speak at first. Try 1-2-3 combination  or let it sound flat with the open fingering and work on blowing it in tune.

Just do 10-15 minutes on them at the end of a rehearsal or practice session.

Mark Minasian

On Mon, 8 Dec 1997, Assassin50 wrote:

> Hello, I am a high school band student, who plays the trumpet.  I have been
> reading through the messages, and have heard of pedal notes.  However, I have
> yet to know what they are, or how to play them.  I was wondering if anyone
> could help me in this.  Thank you.
> Jason Lynch