Date: Sat, 30 Aug 1997 10:23:25 -0400
Subject: Re: Hi & Unaccompanied solos

The Unaccompanied Solo.

One of my favorite topics. The following are recommended on the basis of their musicality - and though they all fall under the classification of ETUDES, many of these compositions, as conceived for the trumpet/cornet, are far more musical than a lot of "music".
(all have been recorded)

(1) Try, Raymond Sabarich - Dix Etudes Pour Trompette (Selmer et fils) Any of them, though I especially like N0S. Five and Ten. These are beautiful, but more demanding than the Hering, for example.
     I have two complete recorded versions: Bb and C Trumpet
(2) Some of the Sigmund Hering books (32 Studies,esp #4, #12, and #18. - - 30 Studies - 40 Studies, #31, #35) contain several very musical selections. NOT Difficult, and very performable.

(3) H.L.Clarke - the last Characteristic Study (G# minor)
    Recorded)  Beautiful, 19th Century Lyricism
(4) Bousquet - 36 Celebrated Studies - perhaps my favorite is: #2,

Thanks for listening - Keep 'Em Flying!


Kevin Smith wrote:
> School's back in session so I FINALLY get to log back onto TPIN...I've
> been going through withdraws all summer!
> With school in session, I do not have much time to get with an
> accompanist to work up traditional solo literature, so my question is:
> What is your favorite unaccompanied solo (why)?
> Kevin
> St. Louis, MO