Date: Sat, 30 Aug 1997 09:21:12 -0700
From: Raymond Burkhart <>
Subject: Re: Hi & Unaccompanied solos

I'll mention two pieces:

1. Sonus, by Stanley Friedman -
I've done it several times, and it always wins over an audience. I think it's in 4 movements (I haven't played it
in awhile), each of which is very good. Brass Press. I really like it. My favorite movement is the one where you surreptitiously remove your 2nd valve slide and play a fanfare without it, using in part the open horn with remaining valves and in part the 2nd valve alone and in combination with the 3rd, producing some really cool effects.

2. Solo, from A Summer Remembrance,
by me, Raymond Burkhart.
Sorry to plug my own stuff, but this unaccompanied solo ends a work for trumpet ensemble, and it's not generally known by itself. It is melodic and tender and somewhat challenging (musically, and from a control point of view, not technically). It sounds great outdoors and it sounds great indoors, especially in a church acoustic. I played it for my aunt's memorial service, and it worked beautifully. Pub. by Premiere Press.

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Raymond Burkhart
Pasadena, Ca