Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 08:15:49 -0500
From: "Albert L. Lilly III" <>
Subject: Re: Marvin Stamm (was Jazz education)

Michael et. al.,

It is indeed unfortunate that someone of Mr. Stamm's caliber (musically) would want to step into the public forum and express such negative sentiments regarding the TPIN.

While I would not be the first to say that the TPIN gets pretty bad sometimes with some of the silly things that go on, I also say that there are days when individual posters bring such clarity and vitality into their posts that they make reading what they have to say a sheer joy.

I remember the original post that Mr. Stamm was offended by, and frankly, I was offended by it as well.  However, if I left the TPIN and trashed it publicly every time that I was offended by a post, I would have left three years ago.  It happens in this world that no two people share exactly the same opinion on every subject.  It also happens that some folks feel it necessary (for their own ego, power trip, whatever) to subordinate others at every opportunity.  Still others would never openly complain about something, prefer to run around and make statements in other locales rather
than address the subject with those that could change it.  As I recall, Mr. Stamm did reply to the poster at that time, and I felt his reply was both concise and direct.  It is unfortunate he feel the need to continue his retribution for one posters moment of zealous action in public forums.

Those of you who know me from here or elsewhere know that I am direct and to the point.  It is too bad others have chosen a different path. It is unfortunate indeed that Mr. Stamm's seemingly sole experience with TPIN is negative.  It is additionally unfortunate that he feels it is necessary to extol that viewpoint to the world in print and via the airwaves.  Perhaps that speaks as much to the man as any other statement one can make. As much as I respect his playing, I cannot respect his viewpoint, or the unfair way he now chose to express it.  Two wrongs do not make a right, and in this instance, I feel we have two wrongs.

Welcoming opposing and supporting viewpoints, but not flames,

Albert L. Lilly III
Trumpeter, Brass Clinician, Arranger and Composer